For the past ten years, Dr. David Fitzpatrick has been an experienced apiarist and has yielded hundreds of pounds of sweet, clean honey for consumption and sale. Currently, OHF is home to 12 hives, with each hive housing around 30,000 worker, drone, and soldier bees – with one queen bee running the whole hive.

Honey is available seasonally and in many different sizes. They are also available as an added wedding amenity in small, 2 oz, bear-shaped bottles. All honey we have has been harvested, processed, and bottled here at Oakley Honey Farms by the Fitzpatrick Family.

Pictured below is our Queen Room. This rooms features 37.5 feet of 60 inch tall mirrors, a salon chair, stools and makeup mirrors, adjustable bubble lights, 27 individual electrical outlets, a half bathroom (full bath downstairs!), as well as a mini-fridge and the WiFi box in the closet for maximum convenience.